Art Mulder was born in 1930 as the youngest of seven children to Peter and Hattie Mulder. The family raised cattle and sold the meat to stores throughout Holland, Michigan. Art graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music and New Tribes Mission and language school. In1959, Art and his wife, Esther, left as missionaries to Panama with Philip and Peter in tow. Hanz and Laura were born while serving abroad.

1964 – 1977

After 10 years of ministering to the Guaymi Indian tribes, they returned to the states in 1964. Art took a job at Beachnut, later known as LifeSavers. In 1967, Art purchased the family farm.

In 1971, his trucking business took root. Art started hauling cattle with a box truck from sellers to buyers and also to his family farm. He and his three sons began harvesting hay and straw. A natural entrepreneur, Art discovered they could sell hay in Kentucky for a nice profit.

In 1976, Art purchased his first semi and began hauling bailed hay. By 1977, they purchased their first international sleeper truck to haul food and other stock items. Art Mulder and Sons Trucking was taking shape. Their reputation continued to grow as a transport company who operated with integrity; they delivered on what they promised.


Art and his boys worked hard while trusting in God to bring new business, stability, and success. The brothers, Phil, Peter, and Hanz, began dispatching their own loads in1982. By this time, Art Mulder & Sons Trucking (AMST) had 8-10 trucks and a hired man to help in the garage to maintain their equipment. AMST also began purchasing and repairing damaged trucks to sell and for their own use.


By 1998, AMST was busting at the seams. The brothers began looking for another location to expand their operation for their growing customer base. Under Hanz’s leadership, they purchased 40-acres on Blue Star Highway and began to develop their current campus on 1936 Transport Lane in Holland. In 2001, AMST moved to this site, conveniently located between Detroit and Chicago, with a fleet of 27 trucks and trailers.


In 2008, Mulder Brothers Brokerage was formed. It has enjoyed tremendous growth year after year because of their Service-First mentality.

Visit mulderbrothers.com to learn more.

The third generation (Chad Mulder and Greg Mulder) began to assume operational leadership roles at AMST.

2017 – 2018

In October of 2017, the Mulders added Mulder Leasing Company as another way to better meet the needs of their customers with Greg Mulder serving as its President. In 2018, Chad Mulder was promoted to President of AMST while Hanz, Peter, and Philip continuing as mentoring leaders. In November of 2018, the Mulders launched ProDrive Handling, which provides careful and convenient loading and unloading services to customers.



Today, AMST is known as a leading provider in refrigerated LTL logistics, brokerage services, and truck leasing. Currently, AMST has a fleet of 45 trucks, 145 refrigerated trailers, and a team of 125 full and part-time employees. They continue to live out their mission of being faithful stewards of the business God has given to them by serving with integrity and exceeding the expectations of their customers, carriers, vendors, and coworkers.

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